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  • A Heroin Overdose From a Mother’s Perspective

    A heroin overdose has always been my greatest fear since my oldest son started using at the age of 16 years old. Despite repeated attempts at rehab the heroin abuse stayed strong, and the drug constantly pulled my son back in. After losing his home, …

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  • Teen Alcohol Abuse Facts Every Parent Should Know

    Some teen alcohol abuse facts may be surprising to parents of adolescents. Did you know that many teens access alcohol right in their own home? It is common for parents who drink to keep alcohol on hand, and some do this in case guests want …

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  • What is Crack Cocaine and Who Uses It?

    Crack cocaine is a form of cocaine that has a crystal or rock like structure instead of being in powder form, and this drug is smoked instead of snorted or injected. This drug was named crack because when heat is applied so that the drug …

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  • 5 Ways to Prevent Teen Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse

    1. Talk to your teens. Teen drug addiction occurs more often in families where parents do not have discussions with teens about the danger of drug and alcohol abuse. Informed teens have all the facts needed to just say no, and studies show that they …

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  • 5 Physical Signs of Internet Addiction

    1. Changes in Weight- An Internet addiction can often causes severe weight changes. It is possible to lose or gain weight when you are lost in the online world. Weight loss can occur because you are not eating, so caught up in your online activities …

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  • 5 Types of Internet Addiction

    1. Cybersex Addiction- This type of Internet addiction involves online porn, adult websites. Sexual fantasy chat rooms, web cams with XXX ratings, and other sexual related activities online. When these activities interfere with real world sexual or romantic relationships or they are used excessively then …

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  • Substance Abuse Among Law Enforcement Professionals

    Substance abuse among law enforcement is a subject that few talk about, it is the elephant in the room that few mention. The fact is that law enforcement professionals often have very high stress jobs, and substance abuse is a problem larger than most believe. …

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  • What Constitutes Alcohol Abuse?

    What constitutes alcohol abuse, and is alcohol addiction an extension of this substance abuse? Alcohol abuse is characterized by alcohol use that has negative consequences, yet the drinker continues the same pattern in spite of these consequences. Alcohol addiction can be an extension of alcohol …

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  • How Common are Eating Disorders? What Eating Disorder Treatments are Offered?

    Just how common are eating disorders and what eating disorder treatments are available? These questions are ones that many people have. If you have a loved one who has one of the eating disorders then you may feel like there is nowhere to turn for …

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  • Can Sedatives and Sleeping Pills Cause Addiction?

    Many people understand the risks of addiction when it comes to opioid pain medications, but what about sedatives and sleeping pills? You may not realize that these types of drugs can also lead to addiction but they can. Sometimes an occasional sleeping pill is prescribed …

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