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  • How is Drug Addiction Defined?

    Drug addiction, often the result of long term drug abuse, is a chronic condition that often includes relapse and that includes compulsive use of drugs. The individual will spend large amounts of time seeking out drugs if they are not readily available. Most people make …

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  • What is Meow Meow and What You Should Know About This Drug

    Meow Meow is a designer drug which has the technical name of Mephedrone. It is a stimulant in a powder form, and it has been described as across between cocaine and MDMA. Meow Meow can be snorted, eaten, injected, smoked, and produced in pill form. …

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  • 5 Designer Drugs With Devastating Consequences

    1. Flakka- Flakka is one of the newest designer drugs to hit the street. This substance can cause the user to act in a crazed manner, becoming paranoid and suffering from a high body temperature which makes the user want to take their clothes off. …

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  • Substance Abuse and Employee Addiction Reported by 10% of US Workers

    Roughly 1 in 10 workers in the USA reported employee addiction issues or substance abuse on the job according to a new study by the American government. The results of this study is alarming because it shows that an average of 10% of the employee …

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  • Hashish Teen Drug Abuse On the Rise

    Hashish teen drug abuse is on the rise and this is an area of concern for parents, law enforcement, and medical professionals across North America. A new study shows the increase in hashish use among teens, and also identifies factors that may increase the risk …

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  • Marijuana Use and Alcohol Abuse Combined Will Double the Risk for Drunk Driving

    Combining marijuana use and alcohol abuse will double your chances of being charged with drunk driving according to a new study, and this could spell trouble for many individuals. The study shows that individuals who use both alcohol and marijuana in the same time period …

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  • Facts About Dissociative Disorders

    People who suffer from dissociative disorders have usually experienced some type of extreme trauma which has shocked the brain, causing the individual to involuntarily escape from reality and creating a form of mental illness as a result . This is the mind’s way of protecting …

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  • 5 Somatic Symptom Disorders

    1. Hypochondriasis- This is one of the more well known of the Somatic symptom disorders, and most people know what the word hypochondriac means. These individuals are preoccupied with the thought that they have a serious illness or disease, viewing even the smallest physical complaints …

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  • Are Sexual and Gender Disorders Also Mental Disorders?

    Sexual and gender disorders are classified as mental disorders, although there are some who believe that this should not be the case because of the stigma that mental illness can include. This category of disorders can include gender identity disorder, sexual dysfunction due to mental …

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  • Adjustment Disorders: What You Should Know

    Adjustment disorders, which may also be called stress response syndromes, and a form of mental illness which can be caused by many things including substance abuse. These disorders are characterized by reactions to an identifiable stressor in life which are extreme, excessive, and abnormal. The …

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