3 Symptoms of Narcissism You Should Never Ignore in Your Own Life

symptoms of narcissism, mental disorder

Symptoms of narcissism that you should never ignore are those that affect how you see or feel about yourself, and those that have a negative impact on your life or state of mind. These symptoms usually include:

  • Someone with narcissism will typically try to make you feel guilt whenever you are happy, because they always expect others to put them first. Narcissists want those around them to think that they have no right to be happy, to take time away, or to have a life of their own. These individuals have unrealistic expectations, and they feel like the entire universe revolves around them. They want you to feel guilty or irresponsible whenever your focus is not on their happiness, needs, and desires.
  • One of the symptoms of narcissism that can be very negative on everyone else is their inability to be truly happy. People who have this mental disorder may seem like they are full of confidence, but the truth is that they usually suffer from low self esteem even if they seem arrogant and full of themselves. You may believe that at some point the individual will learn to be considerate about the feelings of other people and that they will be genuinely empathetic but this will not happen. It is not in the nature of a narcissist to care about anyone else.
  • If you have a narcissistic person in your life they do not care about your happiness, only their own. When you are not with this person they do not spend time thinking about you, for them it is almost like you cease to exist once you are not around them. As far as they are concerned your thoughts and feelings do not matter.

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