4 Common Substance Abuse Relapse Triggers to Avoid During the Holidays

substance abuse triggers during holidays

1. Stress- Stress can be one of the major contributing factors for substance abuse, and during the holiday season we all suffer from increased stress. There are parties and social gatherings to attend, gifts to pick out and purchase, financial factors to consider, and a whole lot of stress to deal with. Getting plenty of exercise and eating right can help prevent a relapse.

2. Fatigue- One of the most common relapse triggers during the holiday months is fatigue. In the fast paced world getting enough sleep during a normal month can be a challenge. When you throw in all of the other demands on your time because of Christmas or other holiday celebrations during this time of year you can end up fatigued, and this can lead to a relapse. Make sure you get plenty of sleep each night.

3. Memories- When the holidays roll around it is common to think about those that we have lost, whether these individuals passed away or just moved on with their lives. These memories can trigger substance abuse if they are not properly handled. Memories of drinking or using drugs can also cause a relapse during this period.

4. Emotions- Emotions can be one of the most dangerous relapse triggers because you can not control how you feel. Being sad, angry, or feeling other negative emotions can trigger alcohol or drug abuse while you are in recovery. When your emotions are running high seek out extra support and attend extra meetings so you don’t slide backwards.

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