4 Coping Tips for Dealing with Painful Emotions

coping with painful emotions

Painful emotions can be difficult for anyone to deal with, whether you are hurt, betrayed, grieving, or experiencing another emotion that causes you psychological pain. There are some coping tips that can help during these times, and remember that we all have rough periods and times when negative emotions cause intense pain. Some helpful tips that you can use when these emotions take over include:

  • Remember that is okay to feel the way that you do. Too often we are taught from early childhood that negative or painful emotions are something to be hidden or ashamed of. You can not control how you feel and there is no reason to feel shame.
  • Painful emotions can cause the same fight or flight response that physical danger can because your body kicks into survival mode. When this happens do things that help you relax or unload stress so that you have less of a psychological load to carry.
  • One of the best coping tips for times when you are in emotional pain is to work it out. Physical activity will help you relieve tension and improve your state of mind. The neurotransmitters released in your brain when you are physically active will improve your mood and lessen the impact of the painful emotions on your mind and body both.
  • Use visualization. Find a comfortable place that is quiet, and then close your eyes and relax as much as possible. Picture a pleasant and relaxing scene or image in your mind, paying close attention to even the smallest details. Include as many senses as you can in this mental visualization. If you are at the beach try to feel the sane between your toes, and smell the sea.

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