4 More Signs of Sex Addiction You Need to Know About

Signs of Sex AddictionThere are many signs of sex addiction, and some were covered in a recent post but there are more symptoms that also suggest a need for sex addiction treatment. These can include:

1. Frequent use of sexual humor may indicate that sex addiction treatment is necessary. This is one of the common signs of sex addiction, and while the individual making these jokes may think they are funny others often feel like they are being sexually harassed and may find the jokes and humor offensive or in poor taste.

2. It is common for someone with signs of sex addiction to be irritable frequently. Those who have this condition do not want to confront their own feelings or have others find out about their dirty little secret. When others ask questions that may reveal things the person needing sex addiction treatment does not want found out then the individual may become very irritable as a result.

3. The constant need for sex and dissatisfaction with sex in a relationship are also common signs of sex addiction. Everyone may have a different level of sex drive and in most cases one partner may wish for a more active sex life, but in reality many people do not look elsewhere or complain constantly because their every sexual desire is not being met in the marital bed.

4. Frequent visits to pornographic websites or large phone bills from calls made to 1-900 numbers are also signs of sex addiction that should never be ignored. Many people admit to viewing porn on occasion, but when this activity takes up much of your thoughts and spare time then this indicates you need sex addiction treatment.


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