4 MORE Things You Can Do If Your Depression Doesn’t Improve

if your depression doesnt improve

1. Consult With a Teaching Hospital- Many different types of medical and mental health professionals are allowed to treat depression, but not all of these professionals are highly qualified to do this. Teaching hospitals are continuously researching new treatment options and alternatives but they are also more than willing to use older medications and methods, ones which may be highly effective but have little profit margin for pharmaceutical companies and medical professionals who are financially compensated to prescribe certain new and expensive medications instead.

2. Use Stress Relief Methods- Chronic stress and high levels of tension can impact your mental health and contribute to depression. Stress relief techniques may help lessen the depression that you feel and improve your mood and mental health. Get some exercise, relax in a hot bath while listening to soothing music, meditate, and use other methods to lower your stress levels in order to help make depression treatment more effective.

3. EMDR Therapy- Eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy can be very useful for anxiety and depression treatment. This technique has had good results in treating post traumatic stress disorder, and it has also been proven effective at lessening anxiety and other negative mental states such as depression.

4. TMS Therapy- Transcranial magnetic stimulation is another option for depression treatment. This procedure is non invasive, and it uses nerve cell stimulation through short magnetic pulses. The patient has a large electromagnetic coil placed directly against the scalp, and focused pulses can pass through your skull to stimulate your cerebral cortex. TMS therapy received FDA approval in 2008.

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