5 Components of Effective Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

components of substance abuse treatment programs

Effective substance abuse treatment programs all have some components in common. These can include:

1. Anger Management- Relapse prevention starts with eliminating negative emotions, and anger can be highly destructive. The most effective substance abuse treatment programs will offer anger management classes and courses to individuals who have issues with substance abuse. Learning to control your anger is one of the most important keys to avoiding substance abuse in the future.

2. Physical Exercise- Physical exercise is important, both during the detox period and once you are clean and sober. When you are in good physical shape then you feel better, and this can help you with relapse prevention. The most effective substance abuse treatment programs will include some forms of exercise.

3. Individual Counseling- Individual counseling sessions several times a week is important in order to stay sober and prevent further substance abuse. Any facility that does not offer individual counseling on a regular basis is not an effective substance abuse treatment program.


4. Group Counseling- Group counseling sessions are just as important as individual sessions. During group you will learn that you are not alone, and you will talk with others who share the same problems that you have. This can provide invaluable support and show you that others share your issues.

5. Stress Management- Stress management courses are very important if you want effective substance abuse treatment programs that have the best rates of relapse prevention. Managing stress is critical in order to avoid falling back into your old ways.



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