5 Facts About Compulsive Shopping

compulsive shopping1. Compulsive shopping is an addiction that requires treatment, and the reason that the individual shops is tied to emotions and not any need for the material items which are purchased. Buying things gives the individual positive emotions to replace the negative feelings that they have, but this uplift does not last long and the negative emotions will return.

2. A shopping addiction may make the person feel better when they are making purchases, but eventually they will come down and this can result in feelings of guilt or shame. This can create a destructive cycle that is devastating and which can lead to many other problems.

3. If you engage in compulsive shopping then you continue this habit even if it is causing financial hardship or problems in your relationships. Arguments over spending or over numerous purchases is common when shopping becomes a problem.

4. A shopping addiction can be just as destructive as an addiction to drugs or alcohol. The shopper may routinely spend more than they can afford, max out credit cards, and sometimes even commit financial crimes in order to continue this damaging behavior.

5. Sometimes compulsive shopping can be combined with other addictions and problem behaviors. The emotions and inner needs which are addressed by shopping may also be addressed with other types of behaviors and activities as well. Many compulsive shoppers use TV shopping opportunities and online purchases so that they can indulge without ever leaving home. This makes shopping easier than ever before, and can help feed the addiction.

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