5 Facts About Dependent Personality Disorder

dependent personality disorder, mental disorder1. Dependent Personality Disorder is one of the most common types of mental disorders as far as personality disorders are concerned, and this disorder will equally affect both sexes. This condition usually starts in adolescence or adulthood when the individual starts to form close social and romantic relationships and is not typically diagnosed in children.

2. The specific causes of dependent PD are still not entirely clear, but researchers do have some possible causes which have been identified. What is known is that this disorder probably involves factors that include biology, development, and parenting styles that are used. Some researchers suspect that parents who are overprotective may contribute to this mental disorder.

3. People who have dependent personality disorder all share some common characteristics. These individuals are typically very dependent on an emotional level, and they spend a lot of time and put in considerable effort in order to make others happy. People with this condition have a fear of separation or rejection, they are normally very passive, and they are often seen as clinging or needy individuals.

4. Dependent PD can be similar to borderline PD, because of shared symptoms between these two personality disorders. An accurate diagnosis may take some time to find because of the similarities. A diagnosis should include a thorough patient history for both mental and physical problems, and possibly a physical as well.

5. Dependent personality disorder is treatable. Individuals who have this mental disorder may be prescribed certain medications. In addition psychotherapy can be quite effective at treating DPD when it is used regularly.

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