5 Great Reasons to Exercise During Substance Abuse Treatment and Addiction Recovery

addiction recovery, exercise, substance abuse treatment1. Endorphins- When you exercise during substance abuse treatment and addiction recovery your brain will release natural substances called endorphins. These chemicals flood your brain during strenuous activity or an intense workout, and they help to improve your mood and your outlook on life. Endorphins are responsible for the phenomenon called a runners high, because these compounds make you feel better emotionally and they can be as pleasurable to the brain as drugs, if not more so.

2. Stress Relief- During your addiction recovery even the smallest stresses can seem like a big deal. Getting plenty of exercise each day will help you relieve stress, and any pent up tension in your muscle tissues. This means you will be more relaxed after you work out or go for a jog, and that means you will be less likely to relapse.

3. Detox- Exercise during substance abuse treatment is very important because of the detox effect that this activity has on your body. When you are working out and engaged in strenuous physical activity you sweat a lot, and this helps your body eliminate toxins that have built up as a result of drug and alcohol use over time.

4. Better Sleep at Night- During addiction recovery insomnia can be a big issue, and exercise will help you sleep better at night and keep you from tossing and turning as much. This can be a big factor in your stress level during the day and the risk of a relapse.

5. Improve Physical Fitness- When you exercise, both during substance abuse treatment and after you leave the program, you will improve your physical fitness and muscle strength. When you feel better you are less likely to go back to using drugs or alcohol.


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