5 Health Conditions Associated With Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Abuse1. Cirrhosis- Cirrhosis is one of the health conditions associated with alcohol abuse. When you drink heavily this causes scarring and damage to your liver cells and tissues, and these lead to cirrhosis. This is one of the health conditions that can lead to death in some cases and it is usually prevented by avoiding alcohol abuse.

2. Anemia- When people think of medical conditions that are associated with chronic alcohol abuse anemia is not one that is commonly considered. When you drink to excess then the red blood cells available in your body to carry oxygen are lowered, and this can cause a wide range of problems depending on the tissues affected by the lack of oxygen.

3. Seizures- Long term alcohol abuse can lead to seizures, epilepsy, and other conditions caused by abnormal brain function. Even those who do not have a previous diagnosis of epilepsy or who test negative for this illness may experience seizures as a result of drinking or even when they stop and start withdrawing from this substance.

4. Pancreatitis- Alcohol abuse can lead to pancreatitis. When you consume alcohol this interferes with proper digestion and this substance can cause inflammation and irritation throughout the digestive tract. This is not one of the curable medical conditions, and more than half of the cases seen by medical professionals involve chronic alcohol abuse.

5. Cancers- Chronic drinking can raise your risk for a number of types of cancer because alcohol is an irritant, and when tissues become irritated repeatedly or they stay inflamed for extended periods then mutations and changes on a cellular level that can lead to cancer have been reported.


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