5 More Personality Disorders

mental illness, personality disorder1. Histrionic PD- Someone with this personality disorder typically looks to others for approval and a sense of self worth that they lack on their own. These individuals seem to have a lot of drama in their lives, and they often seem to be playing a role in order to gain attention and approval. These individuals crave excitement and they can be highly sensitive to even the smallest criticism.

2. Narcissistic PD- With this type of mental illness the individual believes that the entire world revolves around them, and they have a grand sense of self importance. Someone with this disorder will have an intense need to be admired and they lack empathy for others. Often these individuals as seen as self absorbed and uncaring about the needs and feelings of others.

3. Avoidant PD- This type of personality disorder makes the individual feel awkward in social situations, and the individual fears embarrassment and rejection in social settings. This type of PD does not involve taking risks, and the person may not even be willing to meet new people if the symptoms are severe.

4. Dependent PD- Someone who suffers from this form of mental illness needs to be dependent and have someone take care of them. These individuals do not have any self confidence and they fear being abandoned by those that they rely on and care about.

5. Obsessive Compulsive PD- Obsessive compulsive personality disorder is not the same as OCD, but it does have some similarities to the condition. These individuals have a serious preoccupation with organization, rules, and details. Someone with this type of PD is a perfectionist to the extreme.

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