5 Reasons Bipolar Disorder is Dangerous if Not Treated Properly

1. Substance Abuse- Bipolar disorder is a mental disorder that requires treatment. If you have this condition and you do not get help then you could end up with substance abuse problems along with the bipolar disorder. This requires a dual diagnosis and more intensive treatment because both issues must be addressed if you are going to have a permanent recovery.

2. Risky Behaviors and Risk Taking- The highs and lows of bipolar disorder can cause you to engage in risk taking and risky behaviors. This can include unprotected sex or other forms of risky sexual activity. Thrill seeking is not uncommon for individuals who have this mental disorder who are in the manic phase, and compulsive shopping can also be a problem when the individual is in a low phase.

3. Suicide- If you have bipolar disorder then you are more likely to attempt suicide, especially if this mental disorder is not properly treated. There are therapies and medications that can help lower the risk of suicide if you have bipolar disorder or other serious forms of mental disorders.

4. Depression- One part of bipolar disorder is depression, and when you are not in the manic phase you may end up going to far in the opposite direction and you get depressed. When this happens then you may have little energy, and even performing the usual daily activities may seem overwhelming.

5. Criminal Charges- Bipolar disorder can lead to criminal charges if you commit a crime while you are in the manic phase. Hypermania has caused individuals to shoplift, rob banks, and even commit assaults and murders in some cases. Treatment can lower the risk of criminal activity if you have bipolar disorder or other mental disorders.


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