5 Types of Substance Abuse Treatment Programs Offered

substance abuse treatment programs

1. Long Term Residential Substance Abuse Treatment- This type of residential substance abuse treatment program involves staying at the facility for a long period of time while treatment is received. This program type usually lasts around 6-12 months, and the individual lives in a therapeutic community setting around the clock.

2. Short Term Residential Substance Abuse Treatment- Short term programs generally involve a stay of a few weeks to a few months. Usually the treatment received is very intensive but short term in nature, and many of these programs follow the 12 step program model. This program type is usually followed by outpatient treatment once the individual is released from the short term facility.

3. Outpatient- There is a wide range of outpatient substance abuse treatment programs and models. Some may just provide drug information, some offer very intensive full and half day programs, and there are other treatment options within this group as well.

4. Individualized Counseling- This type of counseling can be the most effective because the individual with the substance abuse problem spends several hours each week in one on one counseling sessions. Since everyone abuses drugs or alcohol for different reasons individualized counseling can help uncover the roots of the problem and help resolve any emotional or hidden traumas.

5. Group Counseling- The is the most common type of substance abuse treatment and it is also the most cost effective. One counselor is used for an entire group of people, and peer review and feedback also plays a role with this model.

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