8 Tips to Help Deal With Cravings During Substance Abuse Recovery


1. Take a hicravings, relapse, substance abuse recoveryke or go for a walk if you are in substance abuse recovery and you start to experience cravings that could lead to a relapse. This will release endorphins that boost your mood.

2. Listen to music that is soft and soothing. This will stimulate your brain and make you feel better almost immediately.

3. Call a friend and talk about what you are feeling. This support person can help you avoid any setbacks and talk you down from making the wrong decisions.

4. Use aromatherapy to eliminate cravings and avoid a relapse during your substance abuse recovery. Pleasant smells and carefully selected scents can reduce any undesirable thoughts and help you stay clean.

5. Go to a meeting in your area. There are usually AA, NA, and other support meetings scheduled on a regular basis. In larger cities and metropolitan areas meetings are often held daily, sometimes even several times a day.

6. Write out your feelings and emotions on paper. When you write things down it can help you release them, and you will feel better as a result.

7. Take a hot bath and try to relax. When you feel cravings coming on or you are worried about a relapse because of pent up stress or other considerations then a hot bath can keep your substance abuse recovery progress intact.

8. Call a therapist and schedule an appointment. This will help you talk things through and get a professional opinion and advice to help you avoid relapsing.



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