9 Symptoms of Dependent Personality Disorder Everyone Should Recognize

dependent personality disorder, mental disorder1. Dependent personality disorder causes the individual to have extreme difficulty in decision making unless they have input and reassurance from others, even simple decisions like the clothing that will be worn or what to eat.

2. Adult responsibilities are avoided whenever possible. This is achieved by being passive and by acting helpless. The individual will depend on others to make the grown up decisions instead.

3. One of the symptoms of this mental disorder is an excessive fear of being abandoned. When a relationship ends the individual is left feeling devastated and experiences helplessness. The individual will quickly move into another relationship very soon after the previous one ends.

4. DPD can cause the individual to be overly sensitive to any real or imagined criticism.

5. A sense of being unable to take care of themselves, combined with self esteem that is low or nonexistent. These individuals are also very pessimistic and are always looking at the drawbacks instead of the positives.

6. Another common symptom of dependent personality disorder is avoiding any type of disagreement, because the individual is worried that disagreeing will cause others to stop approving or supporting them.

7. A lack of self confidence which makes the individual unable to start any tasks or begin on projects.

8. With this mental disorder the individual may hate being alone, to the point where they are willing to be mistreated or abused just so that they are not alone.

9. Someone with dependent personality disorder will put the needs of others above their own needs.

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