A Marijuana Addiction is No Laughing Matter, Substance Abuse Treatment is Needed

marijuana addiction, substance abuse treatment

Marijuana addiction is a problem that many take lightly, but this addiction is no laughing matter. Anyone who has a marijuana addiction requires substance abuse treatment. While some states in the USA have legalized medical or even recreational use of marijuana this does not make this drug any less addictive or less dangerous. A marijuana addiction is often the first sign that the individual needs substance abuse treatment, and this drug is considered a gateway drug. Once an individual uses marijuana for the first time they are far more likely to try other illegal drugs, and to develop an addiction at some point in their life. A marijuana addiction also raises your risks for other dangerous medical conditions. Since marijuana is usually smoked it is a lung irritant, and this drug is more likely to cause lung cancer than smoking cigarettes.

If you have a marijuana addiction then you need substance abuse treatment. Ignoring this problem will not make it go away, and millions of people in Canada and the USA use marijuana on a regular basis. There are opposing views on just how harmful marijuana actually is, and some believe that this drug is not as dangerous as alcohol while others believe that it is much more dangerous and should never be legalized under any circumstances. If you use marijuana then you should stop right away, and if you have problems when you try to stop then you should seek substance abuse treatment as soon as possible in order to get better.

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