A New Study Shows Prescription Drug Abuse Often Aided by Family and Friends

opiate pain medication addiction, prescription drug abuse

A new study by the US Government shows that over 70% of those who engage in prescription drug abuse and who suffer from opiate pain medication addiction are often aided by family and friends. These individuals may mean well but they are unintentionally aiding the prescription drug abuse instead of helping the individual with opiate pain medication addiction. In many cases the prescribed drugs are given to the abuser at no cost and with the permission of the person who has the prescription. The study was based on a survey that is ongoing on a national level, and more than 70,000 Americans have taken part.

The latest study on prescription drug abuse and opiate pain medication addiction shows the growing problems with these drugs and the widespread use today. The number of overdoses that result in death with opiate pain medication is larger than the number of overdose deaths for both heroin and cocaine combined, and many who become addicted may resort to crime in order to purchase these pills on the street. According to Drug Enforcement Administration head Michele Leonhart “This is one of the greatest drug threats we have ever faced.” Violence associated with prescription drug abuse and opiate pain medication addiction has been increasing, and there are numerous reports of gang violence because of these medications. Many pharmacies have had to add state of the art security technology because pharmacy robberies have increased dramatically due to individuals who want the drugs and can not obtain them any other way.


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