Addiction to Sex

sexual addictionThe term “sexual addiction” is sometimes used to explain the behavior of an individual who has an abnormally high libido, or a person who is dependent on sex. Sexual activities and fantasies often dominate the addict’s thinking, which makes it hard to lead a normal, healthy existence.

Sex addicts participate in altered thinking, frequently rationalizing and justifying their behavior while accusing others of creating problems. They often deny they have a problem and make excuses for their actions.

“Sexual addiction” is not determined by the kind of sexual act carried out or the frequency of intercourse. Rather, it is based on an addict’s compulsive utilization of sex to deal with non-sexual emotional needs. “Sexual addiction” has more to do with why people have sex than it does the sex itself.

It is believed that the addict uses sex as an escape and a method of staying away from stress, emotional strain, monotony, anxiety and the shame and isolation that their behavior causes. The addict demonstrates progressively secretive behavior, deceptiveness and withdrawal from individuals nearest to them.

Sexual addiction is similar to chemical substance addiction in severa ways. Sexual addiction frequently coexists with chemical dependency and when untreated, can add to chemical abuse relapse.

Sexual addiction can also be connected with “risk-taking”. Sex addicts may participate in many forms of intercourse, despite the possibility of negative and harmful effects. In addition to harming the addict’s responsibilities and social existence, sexual addiction also puts the individual in danger of physical and emotional injury. In certain cases, sex addiction may come to involve illegal activities, such as exhibitionism (nudity in public places), making obscene telephone calls, paying for sex or committing sexual assault.

For most people, sexual addiction has roots in sexual abuse or encounters from their youth. Like the majority of addicts, sex addicts are frequently in denial. Answer the following questions to find out if you are a sex addict.

  • Will you go to great lengths for sex?
  • Have you ever molested or raped someone?
  • Do you frequently look at pornography?
  • Do you use the services of escorts, prostitutes or exotic massage companies?
  • Do you search for shows that you know will show nudity?
  • Do you have one night stands or anonymous sex partners?
  • Have you had an extra marital affair?
  • Do you masturbate?
  • Do you have more than one partner?
  • Have you been charged with sexual harassment?
  • Do you practice unsafe sex?
  • Would you enjoy watching others have sexual intercourse?
  • Are you an exhibitionist?
  • Have you had sex with someone who is underage?

For those who answered yes to more then two questions, it is likely you are a sex addict and should seek help before you inflict harm on yourself or others.

The Effects of Sex Addiction

Sex addiction results in the destruction of the self, family, jobs and relationships. Without receiving help, one is constantly immersed in their addictive behavior, which in turn causes them to take more extreme measures to fulfill their addiction. This results in destroyed relationships and separated families as you isolate yourself to pursue your addiction. Your speed and agility at the office can start to deteriorate, and you might sexually abuse a co-worker which can lead to termination or incarceration. You jeopardize yourself and your partners with the risk of dangerous STDs. Sexual addicts experience mental distress, depression, unemployment and even suicidal thoughts from placing their addiction above all else.

Sexual addiction heavily influences human sex trafficking, which imprisons countless individuals into a life of slavery and sexual abuse. Most human trafficking happens to children and results in missing persons cases daily. Anyone who uses the services of these companies is contributing to the problem of sex slavery. For additional information on human trafficking, visit the following links.

Statistics about Sex Trafficking


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