Alcohol Abuse Facts Every Canadian Should Know

alcohol abuse canada

There are some alcohol abuse facts that every Canadian should know. Consuming alcohol affects every individual differently, some can have many drinks and seem fine while others may drink far less and be visibly intoxicated. When you drink alcohol you will be affected in a number of ways. You will not be able to concentrate and your speech may become slurred and difficult to understand. You will typically experience a lack of balance and your decision making skills and judgment will become impaired. Over time alcohol abuse can lead to chronic health problems that can become severe or even fatal.

One of the most important alcohol abuse facts that every Canadian should know is that there are a number of factors that will determine how alcohol affects each drinker, and no two people are the same. Some of the top factors that will determine how you are affected by alcohol abuse include:

  • How much you drink
  • How old you are
  • Your gender
  • Your body size and weight
  • How fast you consume the alcohol
  • The mood you are in when you start drinking
  • What and how much you eat before and during the alcohol consumption
  • Any medical conditions you have and your overall health
  • Any medications that you take which could interfere with your body’s ability to eliminate alcohol
  • Any history of alcohol abuse that you have

If you have any of the symptoms of alcohol abuse then you should seek help and treatment as soon as possible in order to reach a full recovery.

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