Are Sexual and Gender Disorders Also Mental Disorders?

sexual and gender disorders

Sexual and gender disorders are classified as mental disorders, although there are some who believe that this should not be the case because of the stigma that mental illness can include. This category of disorders can include gender identity disorder, sexual dysfunction due to mental reasons rather than physical and medical obstacles, and the various paraphilias. Gender identity disorder is a condition where the individual feels that they were born into the wrong body, and this can lead to depression, anxiety, and other additional mental disorders. Sexual dysfunction may be classified as a mental disorder if the cause of the dysfunction is a mental one rather than a physical one. There are some cases where men who have seen their wives give birth create a Madonna complex around her, making it difficult to have sexual relations as a result.

Sexual and gender disorders have been classified as mental disorders through history, and this is still the case for many today in spite of efforts to change this. Paraphilias involve a sexual attraction to unusual objects, situations, or people. Some individuals may have a fetish for shoes, others may be excited by clowns or people who wear uniforms. In many cases these types of mental disorders are not dangerous to society as a whole, although the individual affected may suffer from depression, shame, guilt, anxiety, and other negative emotions as a result of their thoughts or actions. Anyone who experiences unusual thoughts about their sexual or gender identity should discuss these concerns with a mental health professional.

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