Bad Batch of Molly Results in University Students Hospitalized

Molly students hospitalized

A bad batch of Molly, a designer club or party drug, has resulted in 10 university students hospitalized and law enforcement officials scrambling to determine where the drug came from and who was producing it. Students at Wesleyan University started showing up in the local hospital emergency room on Saturday night, and the students were showing symptoms of a drug overdose. Police are trying to find information about this specific batch of Molly, which is suspected to be a pure form of ecstasy or MDMA. This is another cautionary tale for individuals who use club drugs, because it is impossible for an individual to tell exactly what they are taking or the actual strength of the drug involved. According to chief William McKenna, the Police Chief for Middletown, Connecticut “This information is critical in ensuring the recovery of those students affected. The side effects of the drug can be life-threatening and we are attempting to assist the medical providers in obtaining any/all information relating to this ‘bad batch’ of Molly.”

All of the university students hospitalized, plus two university visitors who were hospitalized for an overdose, are recovering from their experience with Molly. This has started some conversations about drug use on campuses across North America. Wesleyan University receives an A rating in most areas, but when it comes to substance abuse and drug safety the online rating for the school is a D-. Four students have been arrested so far, on charges that all involve possessing or distributing illegal drugs, and hopefully the individuals who took the bad batch of Molly have learned their lesson.

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