Can You Identify the Need for Drug Abuse Treatment?

drug abuse, drug abuse treatment

Identifying the need for drug abuse treatment is crucial, because early detection and treatment will increase the odds of a permanent recovery and fewer relapses during the rehab process. There are some signs that can help you quickly identify the need for drug abuse treatment and help a loved one start on the road to recovery. These include:

  • Eyes that are frequently glassy or red for no apparent reason. This symptom alone is not enough to cause suspicion if there could be other possible causes such as crying, but when this sign is seen in combination with other symptoms of drug abuse then this changes the equation.
  • Changes in personal hygiene or appearance are a common sign of the need for drug abuse treatment. When drug abuse takes over then personal grooming tends to start to slide.
  • When the individual is irritable much of the time then there may be a need for drug abuse treatment.
  • Frequent or severe mood swings can be a sign that a person has a problem with substance abuse.
  • If sleeping pattern changes are noticed then this can indicate a problem with drugs. Many users tend to stay up late and then sleep away much of the day.
  • Money problems are usually seen with drug abuse. A drug habit can be costly to finance, and the individual may always need to borrow money or even start stealing from friends and family to support a habit. This can also lead to legal problems such as arrest or incarceration.


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