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  • Do You Suffer From Compulsive Gambling? What Causes This Problem?

      If you suffer from compulsive gambling then you may not be able to stop gambling even if this activity is destroying your life and causing chaos in your relationships. Understanding what causes compulsive gambling is very important so that you can recover from this …

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  • Does Serious Mental Illness Lower Survival Rates for Cancer?

    A new study by the King’s College London’s Institute of Psychiatry shows that individuals who have a serious mental illness are also far more likely to have lower cancer survival rates than individuals who do not suffer from mental illness. According to Dr. Chin-Kuo Chang …

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  • Generic Oxycontin Will not be Available in USA Any Time Soon Because of FDA Ban

    The FDA has a ban in effect that prevents generic oxycontin to be made or marketed. Any form of generic oxycontin would need to be approved by the FDA before it could be marketed in the American medical marketplace, and until approval is received any …

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  • What Causes Sex Addiction?

    What causes sex addiction? Is this even a real problem or just a myth? Sex addiction can be a real issue, but many believe that the focus should be on the underlying factors that contribute and not just on the compulsive desire to engage in …

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  • What Causes Eating Disorders?

    What causes eating disorders? These disorders are illnesses that impact a normal diet and weight, and symptoms can include eating a lot of food compulsively, eating little or no food, or even eating and then throwing up or working out excessively to counteract the food …

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  • What is suboxone?

    What is suboxone? This is a prescription medication that is prescribed in order to treat opioid addiction, and it is used as part of a comprehensive substance abuse treatment plan for individuals who are addicted to opioid drugs. Opioid drugs include opiate pain medications, heroin, …

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  • Can an Individual be Forced to Accept Substance Abuse Treatment?

    Substance abuse treatment is needed for anyone who has a problem with drugs or alcohol, but can an individual be forced to accept help? A common misconception is that the addict must be ready to ask for help and voluntarily submit to substance abuse treatment …

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  • Does Methadone Replacement Therapy Work for Heroin Addiction?

    Methadone replacement therapy is becoming more common as a treatment for heroin addiction and other forms of opioid abuse, but does this method actually work and lead to a full and permanent recovery? There are medical professionals who believe in this type of treatment, but …

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  • Does Someone You Love Need an Intervention? 5 Ways to Tell!

    1. Has substance abuse or compulsive behavior caused legal problems? An intervention may be needed if someone has been arrested or is facing criminal charges because of their substance abuse or other addictive behaviors. This includes drug use, alcohol abuse, compulsive gambling, excessive shopping, or …

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  • Naloxone Reverses Heroin Overdose But is Not Readily Available to Those at Risk

    Naloxone is a drug which is used to help reverse heroin overdose effects in the body, but this drug is usually only available in medical settings like an emergency room or on first responder vehicles. In many areas of the USA and Canada there is …

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