Christmas Shopping Can be Tough For Those With a Shopping Addiction

christmas shoppingThe Christmas shopping that is expected of everyone during the holidays can be very tough for anyone who has a shopping addiction, even if the individual is in recovery. Compulsive shopping is a common problem. Many people who have this condition avoid shopping whenever possible during the recovery period, the same way that alcohol or drug abusers stay away from the substances that cause problems. Society dictates that it is rude to forgo gifts during the holidays though, so what can someone with a shopping addiction do? Some helpful tips include:

  • Buy gift cards to take care of your Christmas shopping list. These can be purchased in bulk, and there is no need to shop for individual items or be tempted by spending hours in the store.
  • Give money instead of presents if you are in recovery for a shopping addiction. Going into a retail establishment can trigger old emotions and habits, and this can lead to a relapse. Those who care about you will understand and people are rarely disappointed when they get to pick out their own gifts.
  • Take care of yourself. During the holidays it is very easy to be over worked, over stressed, and follow an unhealthy lifestyle. Make sure that you leave time to relax and unwind otherwise the increased stress could cause you to slip backwards.
  • Get plenty of sleep, even if it means turning down a few holiday invitations. When you are tired you are more susceptible to negative emotions and poor decision making, and this can lead to a relapse.

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