Chronic Pain and Prescription Drug Abuse

chronic pain and drug abuseSomeone who suffers from chronic pain has a higher risk of engaging in prescription drug abuse and needing addiction treatment as a result of their attempts to relieve the pain. Usually these patients receive a prescription for pain medications, and as time goes on the drugs stop working as well and the individual builds up a tolerance. Eventually the patient in chronic pain may start to take more of the drug than what was prescribed or take the medication more frequently than their prescription calls for. After prescription drug abuse starts then addiction treatment will be needed. In addition the patient may need to look at alternative treatments to manage the pain rather than narcotic drugs due to the previous abuse and addiction.

Over time chronic pain can wear you down, and make normal daily life miserable. Many people start prescription drug abuse with good intentions, they are trying to cope and believe that increasing their dosage a little will not hurt anything. Over time they become addicted, and if addiction treatment is not received the abuse can spiral out of control and cost the individual everything. There are other ways to treat chronic pain, and since this requires long term treatment alternative options are usually a better choice than staying on prescription pain medications for months or years. If you or someone you know has a problem with chronic pain and prescription drug abuse then addiction treatment is needed. There are programs that offer the latest and most advanced methods so that you have a better chance of a complete and permanent recovery.

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