Designer Drugs Stay Ahead of Law Enforcement, Often Touted as Something Else

designer drugs

Designer drugs are constantly evolving in order to stay one step ahead of law enforcement, but new formulations to hit the street are increasingly dangerous and are often being sold as something else entirely. In order to stay ahead of the drug laws street chemists and illegal drug manufacturers are frequently changing the chemical structure of the substance, often by a very small amount but enough to make the drug legal under the current law. Now many individuals are ending up in emergency rooms and ICU units with severe symptoms and dangerous behavior because of NBOMes. These are designer drugs that are intended to mimic LSD and other hallucinogenic drugs in order to provide psychedelic trips and hallucinations. These substances also have some very nasty side effects though, including a propensity to stab yourself as well as others.

Law enforcement can not make designer drugs illegal until they are aware of a specific drug. This is why synthetic marijuana products and bath salts were commonly found in gas stations and convenience stores across the USA. By the time a new designer drug comes to the attention of law enforcement it has already caused injuries or death. With the latest NBOMes the side effects are severe are often very dangerous. Many people purchase the drug believing that it is LSD, hallucinogenic mushrooms, or a similar drug. Emergency rooms who treat these patients are reporting that this is not the case though. With designer drugs created in order to fly under the radar of drug screens the medical staff must first devise a way to test for the unknown substance before use can be confirmed.

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