Drug Smuggling Drone Carrying Methamphetamines Crashes by Border Between Mexico and USA

border between Mexico and USA, drug smuggling droneA drug smuggling drone carrying methamphetamines crashes by the border between Mexico and USA, and this is just one of many attempts to smuggle drugs which uses new or innovative ways to get the drugs int the United States while lowering the risks involved for the drug smugglers. Americans consume around 80% of the global supply of illicit drugs, with many claiming that the USA is mainly responsible for the illegal drug trade. In the past smugglers have tried to get drugs across the border by using tunnels, ultra light remote controlled airplanes, and even catapults. There have even been attempts using drones before, but this time the person who attempted to smuggle the methamphetamines overloaded the drone so that it crashed before reaching the final destination.

The drug smuggling drone that crashed before crossing the border between Mexico and USA soil was carrying around 6 pounds of methamphetamines. Jorge Morrua, the spokesman for the Tijuana Police Department, said that the local authorities were alerted when the drug smuggling drone crashed and fell out of the air. The crash occurred near the San Ysidro border crossing between California and Mexico. The remote control drone had six propellers, and six packages of methamphetamines taped to the aircraft. Morrua said that this is not the first attempt to use a drug smuggling drone, and he also stated that the authorities were still investigating where the drone flight started and who was using the remote to operate the aircraft. This method of smuggling has also been used in the USA to try and smuggle contraband into US prisons.


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