Heroin Overdose Facts and Statistics

heroin overdose, statistics on heroin overdoseStatistics on heroin overdose and heroin overdose facts show many things about this type of drug abuse. For instance did you know that:

  • Most heroin overdose deaths are not instant, and in just 14% of heroin OD deaths the needle was till in the arm of the user. In 86% of these cases the needle has been removed prior to death.
  • Statistics on heroin overdose show that a majority of fatalities due to heroin overdose occur in men. In many cases alcohol or other drugs were also found at the scene and in the body of the individual who died of the overdose. These substances can intensify the potency of the heroin and also interfere with the ability of your body to eliminate the drug at the usual rate.
  • Most of the people who die from a heroin overdose every year pass away at home or else in the company of someone else who also uses heroin.
  • The most dangerous time for a heroin abuser is right after leaving treatment, and this is when they are more likely to experience a heroin overdose. While in treatment the user has typically cleaned out to some degree, and when they start using heroin again they do not have the same high tolerance that they did before.
  • Statistics on heroin overdose show a surprising fact, the users most likely to die from a heroin overdose are not those who just started on the drug. One study result found that less than 20% of heroin overdose fatalities were among new and inexperienced users, the rest were old hands at using the drug.



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