How to Know When an Addiction Has Been Traded for Another One

destructive addictionsSwapping destructive addictions, also known to as trading, is a very common problem that many individuals in recovery experience if they do not receive complete treatment that addresses the root cause of an addiction. Trading one destructive addiction for another happens when you overcome one addiction, but change it for another, whether it is immediately or down the road. This occurs because the emotional problems that created the initial addiction continue to be present because they were never worked out effectively. This can be a common problem for those who use a typical rehab program that does not offer one-on-one counseling or other techniques that promote a complete recovery.

Since the emotional issues have not been treated and cured, trading destructive addictions enables the same emotions to resurface, but within a brand new behavior. Many people who overcome a food addiction and slim down become addicted to exercise, and many people who quit smoking turn to food as a new addiction. Rather than focusing on the reason for the destructive addictions, people who swap destructive addictions simply switch one destructive activity or behavior for another. Both addictions will end the same way: with your existence spiraling out of control due to this behavior or activity.

Probably the most noticeable symptoms of trading addictions is that the individual will get the same emotional or physical high from the new activity as they did from the original addiction. In some instances, the addiction which was stopped might be more dangerous than the original one, leading you to rationalize and justify the new one. When a dangerous addiction is swapped for a less dangerous one, the possibility of the original addiction returning is very real, since the emotional wounds have not been cured. This causes a serious risk of relapse.

Trading destructive addictions has numerous warning signs, and you ought to heed them once you are aware of them. The easiest way to prevent swapping one addiction for another is to enroll in a treatment plan that effectively deals with the rot problem that is leading to both destructive addictions. Valiant Recovery is a treatment facility that provides a permanent recovery, without swapping destructive addictions, because our program addresses the underlying cause of the addiction, along with the behavior it spawns. This is crucial for any recovery that is going to last and completely remedy your addiction rather than transfer it to another area.

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