How to Prepare for Alcohol Treatment and Recovery

alcohol treatment, recovery

Once you have decided to seek alcohol treatment and work towards recovery there are some things that you need to do to prepare for this step. You will need to establish some very clear rules on drinking, and you need to outline goals which are clear, very specific, and realistic. For some the prospect of quitting alcohol entirely may seem daunting, and these individuals may want to start with goals that minimize their alcohol intake rather than cutting it out completely. This may be especially true if you have been a heavy drinker for many years, because quitting cold turkey in this type of situation may require detox with medical supervision. If you do not want to enter an inpatient rehab and detox program for alcohol treatment then you can try to taper off, but make sure your goals are very specific.

Your first goal could be to stop drinking more than 1-2 drinks each day when you usually have 4-5, or only having a few drinks on the weekends and staying sober during the week. Set a specific date to start your plan and stick with it. The more goals that you set the better your chances of success will be, as long as these goals are very clear and specific. Let everyone know about your goals, and remove temptation. Go through and get rid of any alcohol in the home, because you may not be as tempted if you do not have easy access. Let everyone know that you are in alcohol treatment and working on your recovery, and alcohol use of any type is no longer allowed at your house.


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