Identifying Substance Abuse is Not Always Easy to Do

drugs or alcohol, substance abuseIdentifying substance abuse is not always easy, many people who abuse drugs or alcohol make a big effort to hide these issues from friends and family members. It is common for an individual to drink or use their preferred drug in isolation, and this helps to keep the problem hidden. There are many signs of substance abuse but these can also indicate other issues like mental illness or certain medical conditions. Someone with low blood sugar may seem like they are drunk, with confusion, slurred speed, and difficulty with coordination. Many mental illnesses can cause mental confusion, hallucinations, and even aggressiveness or violence at times. It is important that any substance abuse is diagnosed and treated, but in addition other potential issues must also be either diagnosed or ruled out at the same time.

Financial difficulties may often indicate substance abuse, but there are other possible causes for money woes. Some people do not budget well or can not seem to live within their means, and this can complicate a diagnosis for addiction to drugs or alcohol. If you suspect that a friend or family member has a substance abuse problem then the individual needs to be evaluated in order to determine if these fears are founded. If drugs or alcohol are causing problems then substance abuse treatment needs to be started as soon as possible. This will give the user the best possible chance at recovery. The right treatment program is also critical because some programs only offer group counseling once or twice a week, and this is not sufficient to work through underlying issues and contributing factors.

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