Important Symptoms of Codependency Everyone Should Know

Important Symptoms of Codependency

Codependency and substance abuse often go hand in hand, so much so that when this word was first used it was applied to the spouses of alcoholics. After considerable research it has been determined that many people in the population have one or more symptoms of codependency, and those who have substance abuse issues often enter into a relationship with someone who has these traits in order to continue the same lifestyle and habits. Some traits that codependent people have in common include:

  • Low self esteem
  • A tendency to want to please people
  • Poor ability to set boundaries
  • Putting the needs of others above your own
  • A tendency to mother or take care of others
  • A need to be in control or have control
  • Trouble communicating effectively
  • Intimacy issues
  • Want others to like them
  • Emotions which are painful that are denied or shoved down

Often those with substance abuse problems seek out others to form a codependent relationship. The result is a relationship that is dysfunctional in many ways, but those involved may not see the issues. For some individuals the fear of being alone is worse than being in a bad relationship, others may not be able to let go no matter how bad things get because they have their own substance abuse or mental illness problems. If you or someone you know shows codependency symptoms then therapy is important. Without treatment nothing will change, and neither person in the relationship can heal.


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