Is a Christian Rehab the Right Choice? 4 Things to Consider!

Christian rehab, substance abuse treatment1. Cost and Insurance Coverage – Cost is an important consideration for anyone who needs help for drug or alcohol abuse. A Christian rehab will usually cost more than a government run program or a charitable facility, and most insurance policies will not cover these costs. This means that you could end up paying for the treatment on your own.

2. Religious Beliefs-If you are not a Christian then this type of substance abuse treatment may not be the right fit. These programs follow the Christian philosophies and tenets during the treatment and if you belong to another religion or you do not believe in religion then you may not get the best results from this type of program.

3. Facility and Setting- A typical Christian rehab will offer a facility and setting which may be more luxurious ad comfortable than the usual lower cost options. It is important to make sure that the program also offers the right treatment methods though, otherwise your results may not be any different from a bargain treatment program and you may be more comfortable but you may not get the permanent recovery that you want. .

4. Types of Substance Abuse Treatment Methods Available- Make sure that any Christian rehab you are considering offers the treatment methods and options that are needed for a complete recovery and the lowest possible relapse risks. This should always include individual counseling several times a week, along with group sessions and other treatment methods that have been proven and verified.

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