Is Alcohol Abuse in Canada Higher Than Other Areas? A New Study Says Yes!

alcohol abuse in canada

Is alcohol abuse higher in Canada than it is for the rest of the world? A new study by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health or CAMH shows that the answer is yes. According to the new scientific study Canadians tend to drink around 50% than residents of other countries around the world. The study also shows that alcohol use is ranked at #3 when it comes to the cause of injury and disease around the globe. According to CAMH’s Social and Epidemiological Research Department and study author Dr. Jürgen Rehm”The burden of disease and injury is measured when someone dies prematurely or before the life expectancy in a certain country.” Dr. Rehm went on to caution that the statistics are changed by the loss of a body part or the loss of organ function, which would be considered an injury resulting from alcohol abuse.

What does this mean for the rates of alcohol abuse in Canada though? The last year that complete statistics were available for inclusion in the study was 2010, and by this year alcohol was known to be the cause for at least 200 types of injuries and diseases. This number covers everything alcohol related, from those injured in a slip and fall accident who slipped because they were intoxicated to those who attempted or committed suicide because they were highly intoxicated. In 2010 alcohol abuse caused 5.5% of the overall health care burden and medical expenses incurred by Canada. This percentage included the common outcomes like vehicular accidents and cirrhosis of the liver to more uncommon ones like cancers and other medical diseases.

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