Is Drugged Driving as Harmful and Dangerous as Drunk Driving?

drugged driving as dangerous as drunk driving

Studies have shown that drunk driving kills many people each year, and injures a much larger number as well. This does not include the financial costs that are associated with this type of activity, such as property damage, lost productivity, and other factors. What about drugged driving though? Is this just as dangerous? If that is the case then why are some areas working to legalize marijuana use for adults, a population which typically drives on a daily basis? These and many other questions surround all types of impaired driving, and that is what both drunk driving and drugged driving are at the most basic level. It does not matter what substance is used, both alcohol and drugs impair your ability to make good decisions and affect your physical coordination and reaction time.

A recent study examined the number of American drivers who were killed in fatal accidents, and the results were surprising. 38% of these fatalities had some type of drug in their system, and roughly 42% had alcohol in their blood. It is not possible to tell whether drunk driving or drugged driving caused the fatal accident, but these statistics are telling about how many drivers on the roads in the USA are driving with some degree of impairment. Every form of impaired driving, whether it is caused by alcohol, marijuana, or other substances, is dangerous. Drivers who are not clear headed, with the ability to make sound judgments and react quickly to anything that could happen, put everyone at risk. If you or someone you know has a problem with alcohol or drug abuse there is help available.

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