Is Tobacco Use Substance Abuse?

substance abuse, tobacco useMany people would never dream of engaging in substance abuse but they do not think twice about tobacco use, and this may seem like a contradiction. Many treatment facilities do not allow tobacco use during rehab because this is a form of substance abuse that leads to addiction. Even coffee or soda pop can be damaging if used in large amounts or if they cause an addiction to develop. When people think about substance abuse they envision street drugs like marijuana, cocaine, and heroin. Few view tobacco use or their morning habit of 5 cups of coffee as an addiction, but the reality is that these are substances which can be abused, and they can lead to the individual becoming physically or mentally addicted over time.

Tobacco use is substance abuse, and this is apparent when anyone looks at the emotions and sensations that this substance causes in the user. People use tobacco because it feels good, they feel like smoking or chewing this product improves their performance and alertness, and even in order to stop feelings of hunger so that they can lose weight. Nicotine is not the only addictive substance in tobacco products, there are thousands of chemicals and harmful substances in every cigarette or pinch of tobacco. Over time the user may need more tobacco to gain the same effects, and addiction sets in. Withdrawal from tobacco use can lead to irritability, anxiety, and other psychological symptoms as well as physical problems like headaches and body aches. Tobacco use can lead to physical and psychological addiction, so it is classified as substance abuse.

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