Is Treatment for Addiction Affordable?

is treatment for addiction affordableWhen someone realizes they need treatment for addiction, one of the first logical concerns is whether or not they can afford it. The rehabilitation centers that demonstrate a successful history of client recovery are often expensive, and financing a stay in one might seem out of the realm of possibility. Potential Valiant Recovery clients are encouraged to consider several things when weighing their financial options for addiction treatment.

First of all, in the the world of addiction rehabilitation, it is frequently observed that “you get what you pay for.” Government funded programs have a lower price tag, but are also reputedly overcrowded, provide little to no individual attention and rely on outdated, ineffective treatment methods, which increase the likelihood of relapse. A rehab like Valiant Recovery does cost more, but recovery success is guaranteed through the use of current, personalized and clinically-proven treatment methods.

Second, the cost of addiction treatment should always be weighed against the cost of the addiction habit. Addictive substances can be extremely expensive to maintain a supply of, often coming to tens of thousands of dollars per year. When you choose a quality addiction treatment program like Valiant Recovery, your sobriety has the best chance of being permanent. This means that a one-time expenditure on inpatient treatment will cost a mere percentage of what an untreated substance abuse addiction will cost in its life cycle.

And lastly, the most important factor to consider when financing for rehab is the value that you place on the restoration of your life. What would you pay to regain your sobriety and ensure its permanence? The Valiant Recovery program can help you achieve this goal by eradicating the root causes of your addiction to reveal the inner strength and courage you possess. Addiction rehabilitation is an investment you make into the quality of your life and health, and into the lives of the people you care about.

To learn more about program pricing and whether or not you qualify for financial assistance through Serenity Loans or Medicard, click here.



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