Just How Common is Alcohol Abuse on College Campuses?

alcohol abuse on college campuses

College campuses are designed to be a place of learning, but they may also be a place for hard partying students who engage in alcohol abuse and drug use. These activities place students at risk every year, and deaths from alcohol poisoning happen at many college campuses across Canada and the USA on an annual basis. Some colleges are known for parties and alcohol abuse while others have a far lower profile in this area, and parents should check out the reputation and ratings for potential colleges with their adolescent and young adult children. Many universities offer fraternities and sororities that hold party events on a regular basis, while most community and local colleges have far less alcohol abuse on a regular basis.

College campuses are a place where education is supposed to be the focus, but at many campuses alcohol abuse and a party atmosphere interfere with the learning experience and environment. Learning is far more difficult for students who are hung over, or who did not study the required materials because they were at one of the biggest parties on campus the night before. Many new college students find that they are on their own for the first time, and poor decision making is common at this point in life. Sometimes a college student may fail miserably because they are not balancing their priorities properly, and they party so hard that they end up failing classes as a result. Each college and university will have a specific rate of alcohol abuse, and for some this number may be much higher than for others.

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