Managing Stress and Anger

Managing Stress and Anger7 Steps to Better Anger Control

  1. Begin with the unhappy feelings you are having. Identify what they are. Rely on them as signs to stop yourself from going further. The fact that you are upset should tell you that you are thinking upsetting thoughts. You might want to work on better observation of your feelings. This requires getting in contact with your emotions.
  2. Combat your upsetting ideas with an optimistic self-message. Stop the negative feelings. Tell yourself to slow down and stop being upset.
  3. Understand what the upsetting ideas are that are causing you to anger. What exactly are you trying to gain control of? Challenge the upsetting ideas. Ask yourself, “Why do I feel it necessary to have my way?” Then answer your own questions.
  4. Understand the problem and ask yourself, “What is actually happening in this situation?” After that, tell yourself that it is fair to feel disappointment over the situation but not anger towards those creating it.
  5. Create realistic goals regarding the predicament. Ask of yourself what you can do about the situation. Be concrete and specific. “What concerning the situation am I able to change and what must I accept?”
  6. Make a list of the healthy options you need to achieve your primary goal. Ask yourself, “How can I take constructive actions to achieve my goals?”
  7. Select a constructive choice to achieve your ultimate goal, then act upon it. The resolution of this process is you taking positive action.
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