Naloxone Reverses Heroin Overdose But is Not Readily Available to Those at Risk

heroin overdose, Naloxone

Naloxone is a drug which is used to help reverse heroin overdose effects in the body, but this drug is usually only available in medical settings like an emergency room or on first responder vehicles. In many areas of the USA and Canada there is considerable discussion about making Naloxone available to the public. When a heroin overdose happens time is critical, and if treatment is not provided immediately then the individual who has overdosed may die. By the time emergency help can get to the person the heroin overdose may have killed the individual. Some lawmakers and many in the medical profession are calling for Naloxone to be distributed to friends and family members of heroin addicts. This ensures that there is the opportunity to reverse the heroin overdose and save the user from death or serious bodily harm.

If Naloxone is given as an injection as soon as the symptoms of heroin overdose start then the chances for a full recovery are much greater. Far too often family and friends watch the user die from a heroin overdose because medical help is not on the scene. If Naloxone is available on the scene then the loved ones would be able to start reversing the deadly effects of the heroin overdose, and the odds of surviving are much greater. Some lawmakers have suggested that the family physician provide a prescription for Naloxone, with the condition that 911 is called after the drug is injected into the user. Heroin overdose deaths are on the rise and ignoring this fact just puts more people at risk.

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