Over the Counter Medications can be Just as Dangerous as Illegal Street Drugs

illegal street drugs, over the counter medications

Many people view over the counter medications as safe drugs, but the truth is that these substances can be just as harmful as illegal street drugs if they are abused or used in excess. Many common over the counter medications have ingredients that can be abused in order for an individual to get a feeling of euphoria or being high, but the medication is usually taken in larger than recommended doses. Nyquil is a common cold remedy that is frequently abused by teens and young adults, and this is also true for cough syrups and many other medications sold over the counter to treat common ailments and symptoms. When these drugs are used in large amounts some of the ingredients could cause damage to the organs or tissues in the body.

Many teens and young adults turn to over the counter medications or even prescription drugs because they view these alternatives as being safer than illegal street drugs, but this is false. Just because a substance can be purchased legally or without a prescription this does not mean that it is safe to abuse, and many emergency room visits in the USA and Canada are the result of over the counter medications. Many of these products may be combined with alcohol, and that can turn deadly in some cases because of interactions that occur when more than one substance is used. Parents need to talk with teens and make them realize the danger that abusing over the counter medications can have.


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