Oxycontin Abuse: What You Need to Know

opiate based pain medication, oxycontin abuse

Oxycontin abuse is on the rise in North America, and law enforcement and medical professionals in Canada and the USA have seen a spike in this form of substance abuse. Oxycontin is a very strong opiate based pain medication that is used for severe pain, such as cancer and other long term chronic pain issues, and the drug is only available with a prescription. Oxycontin abuse continues to increase in spite of strict oversight wit the drug, and even with the new formulations which are designed to decrease the risk of Oxycontin abuse by crushing and snorting or injecting the medication. This opiate based pain medication may also be called oxycodone, hillbilly heroin, and a wide range of other medical or street names.

Oxycontin abuse is a serious problem. If you or someone that you care about has an addiction or dependency to opiate based pain medication then it is important to seek help as soon as possible. Without the right substance abuse treatment the problem will not stop, and wishing an addiction away is not effective. In order to overcome Oxycontin abuse intensive therapy is required, and this needs to include individual counseling as well as group sessions. In order to overcome opiate based pain medication addiction the root causes of the substance abuse need to be uncovered so that all of the hidden wounds can finally start to heal. Unless this is achieved then the risk of relapse and falling back into Oxycontin can be very high and a true and permanent recovery can not be successful.


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