Recognizing Mental Illness: 5 Signs of Schizophrenia

mental illness, schizophrenia1. Hallucinations- One of the most recognizable signs of schizophrenia is hallucinations. The individual with this disorder will see, hear, smell, or feel things which are not really there and that no one else experiences. One of the most common hallucinations for those with this condition is hearing voices, and this can lead to the person acting out in belief that the voices are telling them to do something.

2. Distorted Perception of Reality- This form of mental illness can alter the perception of reality for the individual. When reality appears distorted the individual may have difficulty determining what is real and what is just a symptom of their imagination and brain chemistry.

3. Delusions- Someone with schizophrenia may suffer from delusions, and these are false beliefs that do not change over time and which are not part of the individual’s cultural beliefs. Even when the delusions have proved to be false and this should be apparent the person with this mental disorder may still believe in their false beliefs and defend these vigorously.

4. Thought Disorder- Many types of mental illness can cause thought disorders, and these disorders involve dysfunctional thought processes and thinking that are not normal. The logic used and the reasoning applied by someone with this mental disorder is not usually logical or normal.

5. Movement Disorders- Another one of the signs of schizophrenia is movement disorders. The individual may have frequent unusual movements which are repeated, and their body movements may appear agitated. In cases which are severe the individual may end up in a catatonic state, and does not respond at all to others or move in any way for extended periods of time.

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