Recovery, Relapse, and Sober Living

Recovery, Relapse, and Sober Living

Recovery, relapse, and sober living are all terms that may be heard during substance abuse treatment, and a full recovery is the goal for anyone who has substance abuse issues. Many programs and facilities view relapse as part of the recovery process, and many people slide backwards into their old bad habits at least once before they become completely clean and sober. If a relapse happens then this is not ideal but it is also important not to let guilt push you even further backwards. Realize that we are all human, no one is perfect, and forgive yourself. Once you do this then you can go back to taking your recovery one day at a time. Avoiding old people, places, and situations while surrounding yourself with positive role models and people who can provide support when you need it is the best way to stay in recovery and avoid a relapse.

Sober living facilities can be very beneficial if you are in recovery and you want to avoid a relapse. These facilities operate on a drug and alcohol free basis. Residents at a sober living facility must follow all the rules, continue to undergo counseling and other treatments that the facility emphasizes, and even undergo frequent drug and alcohol screenings as well. The consequences for using drugs or alcohol in a sober living facility is usually eviction. If you are worried about a relapse during recovery then a sober living program may be the best possible choice, because you realize there are serious consequences if you go back to using again.

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