So You Had a Relapse: What Now?


recover from substance abuse, relapse

recover from substance abuse, relapse

If you are trying to recover from substance abuse or other compulsive behaviors or addictions then the last thing you want to do is relapse, but this step is part of the recovery process. What you do after you relapse is critical in determining whether you continue with your recovery or if you leave treatment and go back to your old ways. Some tips include:

  • Don’t be too hard on yourself. We are all human and we all mess up at times. You can still recover from substance abuse, you just have to get past the relapse first.
  • Call someone in your support network and talk to them about your relapse and what is going on.
  • Go to a meeting. Many organizations for substance abuse recovery offer weekly or even daily meetings. Search for a meeting that is near you and that will start soon, and then attend.
  • Look at all of the relapse triggers that you have, and try to plan ways to keep from interrupting the recovery process in the future.
  • After a relapse make sure you eat right, get enough exercise, and get plenty of sleep. All of these factors can contribute to a relapse so make sure you are as healthy and rested as possible.
  • Sometimes another round of inpatient treatment may be required after a relapse. Be honest about your situation and your emotions while you determine whether you need further inpatient treatment.

Substance abuse recovery is possible, and how you react to a relapse during recovery will help determine whether you meet your goals or go back to using again.



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