Substance Abuse Among Law Enforcement Professionals

substance abuse among law enforcement professionalsSubstance abuse among law enforcement is a subject that few talk about, it is the elephant in the room that few mention. The fact is that law enforcement professionals often have very high stress jobs, and substance abuse is a problem larger than most believe. A top type of substance abuse among law enforcement officers is alcohol, because this drug is legal and it will not usually jeopardize their career. Alcohol is a form of substance abuse that can be just as devastating as drugs, even if it is legal. Binge drinking, alcohol use so severe that blackouts occur, and drinking every single day are all signs that a law enforcement professional requires substance abuse treatment. The stress of the job makes substance abuse a higher risk for these professionals so any warning signs should be taken seriously.

Law enforcement professionals see and do a lot on the job, and this can contribute to substance abuse. The right treatment program and facility can help with recovery, but only if the right substance abuse treatment methods are offered. Individual counseling sessions are needed so that the individual can work through the invisible wounds and underlying conflicts that lead to substance abuse. If one on one counseling is not offered several times a week the a full recovery may not be possible, and the substance abuse may return and cause a relapse. Treatment for drug or alcohol abuse can help law enforcement professionals gain tools needed to deal with the high stress of the job without resorting to substance abuse.

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