Substance Abuse Facts and Statistics You May Not Know

substance abuse, substance abuse facts and statistics

  • Excessive teen alcohol abuse is associated with a much higher risk of organ development issues than teens who drink sparingly or not at all.
  • The age you are when you start to drink alcohol or use drugs will be a determining factor in your actual risk for substance abuse and addiction. An earlier start in these activities will make you more likely to struggle with dependence or addiction in the future.
  • Substance abuse facts and statistics show that the use of alcohol or drugs leads to impaired judgment and a loss of inhibitions. This puts you at a higher risk for unprotected sex, sexually transmitted diseases, unplanned pregnancies, and even sexual assault and rape.
  • Substance abuse and mental illness are often related, and it can be difficult to tell whether the mental illness caused the substance abuse and addiction or if it was the other way around. Many with mental illness self medicate their symptoms with alcohol or drugs, but substance abuse can cause mental illness.
  • Substance abuse facts and statistics show that alcohol or drug addiction has a genetic component. If one or both of your parents had a problem with substance abuse then you are much more likely to have the same issues.
  • In the United States alone substance abuse causes approximately 2,000 deaths every year in automobile accidents, and these are just the ones that involved individuals under age 21 and who can not legally drink. When all ages are combined the number of annual deaths is much higher.
  • Violent deaths among teenagers in North America will involve alcohol at least 50% of the time, and substance abuse of some type is a factor in more than 70% of these cases.



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