Substance Abuse Relapse Triggers to Watch For


alcohol or drug abuse, substance abuse relapse triggersSubstance abuse relapse triggers indicate that you may end up sliding backwards on your road to recovery from alcohol or drug abuse, but you can not prevent a relapse if you do not understand the triggers and warning signs. Each person is unique, and they may have different substance abuse relapse triggers and warning symptoms. Some of the most common causes when it comes to alcohol or drug abuse relapse include:

  • Negative emotions. When you are feeling sad, angry, depressed, rejected, or other negative emotions then you are more vulnerable to a relapse.
  • Physical pain or discomfort. When you are experiencing pain or physical discomfort then this can be one of the most common substance abuse relapse triggers. Even if you have a legitimate need for pain medication or other drugs with a high potential for addiction this can start a cascade of problems that end with a relapse.
  • Social and peer pressure. This is one of the most important reasons to cut all ties with people who are associated with your drug or alcohol abuse. When you get around the people that you associate wit substance abuse it is very easy to fall back into old habits and patterns.
  • Testing your willpower and resolve. After you have bee in recovery and you are clean you may think that you can have one drink or do one line, but this is a huge mistake that will cause you to relapse, and you may need another round of treatment as a result. Accept that you have an addiction, and even one small relapse can have enormous consequences.



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